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In ISA, we learn helpful and practical tools to cope with trauma and the other harmful effects of infidelity or sexual betrayal.   Equally important, partners learn how to reach out to others in the fellowship in order to promote healing.

  • Circles of ISA: A visual categorization of the behaviors for which we want to be held accountable

  • Self-Care: A model for self care and practices that can help us stabilize more quickly during the times when the effects of betrayal trauma are the strongest

  • Self Care Check List: A weekly calendar of helpful activities

  • Program Call Guide: A helpful tool for making program calls

  • A Note on Boundaries: An explanation of ISA’s view of boundaries and their importance

  • Notes on Trauma: Helpful validation of trauma responses that often are the result of Infidelity Induced Trauma

  • A List of Affirmations: Affirmations we have found helpful in dealing with infidelity induced trauma

  • 12 Step Application:  A worksheet for working the 12 steps regarding a specific situation

  • Tools Workshop: ISA Tools are taught at this half-day workshop with the added benefit of group discussion for each tool so ideas and experiences can be shared

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