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Tools Workshop

Tools Workshop

All ISA Members are encouraged to attend a Tools Workshop in person or online. Workshops are offered approximately once a quarter or as needed. In person workshops are 3 hours and online workshops are split into two 90-minute sessions. Workshops provide an explanation of important ISA Tools and offer group discussion for each tool to share ideas and experiences.

Topics Include

• Self Care: Learning ways and activities that we can pamper ourselves through difficult times

• Circles of ISA: A visual categorization of the behaviors for which we want to be held accountable

• Boundaries: An explanation of ISA’s views of boundaries and their importance

• Peer Support:  Peer support is vital to our recovery; learn how to reach out for support, encouragement, and accountability with a           Program Call Guide

• Mindfulness, acceptance, managing triggers, …and others

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Upcoming Workshops




The next ISA retreat will take place February 2-4, 2024.   Details will be posted as it becomes available.


If you are interested in serving on (or have questions about) the Retreat Committee, please contact and share your text and email contact information.

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