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What to Expect at a Virtual Meeting

When you enter the virtual meeting room, please mute yourself and wait until the meeting starts. You may have your video turned on or off. The person who starts the meeting, the chair (or moderator), will begin the meeting at the appointed time or wait up to five minutes to allow others to logon. The chair will read an opening during which they will ask if there are any newcomers to the meeting. This is your opportunity to unmute your audio and identify yourself by first name only. You don't have to say anything else, and you can return to mute status. Please note that if you are new to a meeting and do not identify yourself, the host will remove you from the meeting for safety purposes.  

In the beginning and at the end of the meeting we will recite the Serenity Prayer. If you do not feel comfortable with the word “God”, you can choose a word that works for you (Creator, Higher Power, Goddess, etc.).

At any time during the meeting, you can find members’ names and phone numbers in the chat section of the virtual software.  It is a tool we use to stay connected. Members are encouraged to take the names and numbers of other members who have their names listed in the chat, trusting that anyone on the list is willing to be contacted. Adding your name and number is optional.  Members also have the opportunity to give a small donation to cover the virtual software subscription. You can find the donation information on the ISA website at Newcomers are not expected to give in their first meeting.

At the end of the opening reading, the chair will hand over the meeting to the leader, who will read a short inspirational passage and reflect on it. After this, the meeting is open to anyone who wants to share on the passage or do a check-in. A check-in means to share about something that is currently going on with you. Shares are limited to five minutes each so that each member has an opportunity to share. Members may share more than once, time permitting. Sharing in a meeting is optional. If you prefer, you can just listen to others share.  Please, remember to keep your audio muted when you are not sharing.

In the meeting we don’t engage in crosstalk. Crosstalk means to interrupt, directly respond to the shares of other members, or mention another member by name (e.g., “Jane just said…”). However, while you are sharing, you can ask for feedback about your situation. Asking for feedback is a great way to have people come to you instead of having to go to them. Feedback is given only after the meeting has ended. After the meeting ends, people usually stay in the meeting to chat for a while.  Newcomers’ questions are addressed first, and then there is time for feedback and fellowship. This is a great time to get to know people and find new friends.

After the meeting has ended, you can take what is useful to you and leave the rest. Please, remember that all that is said in the meeting (and who attends) is confidential and should be left in the confines of the meeting room.

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