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Many Service Opportunities Exist in the ISA Program

Many of us have found that doing service has helped speed our healing process and gives us a sense of belonging. Ongoing service opportunities include:

  • Chair or Lead a meeting

  • Become the Meeting Contact

  • Faciliate or Co-Facilitate a 12 Step Study  or Tools Workshop

  • Become an Accountability Partner, Recovery Partner or Sponsor

ISA began in 2011 and as we grow we look to our Traditions to guide us. The Second Tradition reminds us that “Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern;” and the Ninth Tradition states that “ISA, as such, ought never to be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.” The service structure of ISA is guided by these two Traditions.  

As ISA grows, it will establish Committees like the ones below to provide opportunities to serve. Email individual committee coordinators for more information. Note:  Committees do not report to the Service Board, but to those they serve. 


The Retreat Committee exists to plan and execute the annual retreat. 

The Tools Workshop Committee exists to coordinate quarterly ISA Tools Workshops.

The New Meeting Committee responds, tracks, and follows-up with new meeting requests. 

The Literature Committee develops and produces ISA Approved Literature.  

The Website Committee exists to maintain and update

The ISA Intergroup is Meeting representation to provide an approval process on issues that affect ISA as a whole.

The ISA Service Board (ISB) exists to manage issues that affect other groups or relate to ISA as a whole. Click here to relay questions/concerns to be addressed at the next quarterly ISB Meeting.

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