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ISA Oldtimers

Day of meeting



12:00 PM CST

This meeting is for

Female Partners

This meeting location is


If you would like more information, including virtual meeting link and/or meeting location, please contact

Meeting Description

A women’s-only meeting with a special focus on continued healing and support for those who have been in recovery for five-plus years, but all women who have experienced infidelity are welcome to attend. Meeting readings will be from, “The Language of Letting Go”, by Melody Beattie.

Meetings on the first Wednesday of the month will focus on the numerically correlated step readings in Melody Beattie’s, “The Language of Letting Go”. For example, in January this meeting will focus on step one and in February the focus will be step two.

The last Wednesday of the month will focus on the Tradition of the month from either, Al-Anon’s “Courage to Change” or “Paths to Recovery.”



Host Materials

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